Current Date: 2017/12/12
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Full list of Occupations in the Construction and extraction occupations Category

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Acoustical Ceiling InstallerAdobe Layer
Adobe Layer HelperAir Conditioning Sheet Metal Installer
Air Hammer OperatorAluminum Pool Installer
Angle Dozer OperatorArchitectural Inspector
Asbestos Abatement WorkerAsbestos Remover
Asphalt PaverAsphalt Paving Machine Operator
Asphalt Roller OperatorAsphalt Tamping Machine Operator
Ballast Cleaning Machine OperatorBanker Mason
Beam BuilderBeam Builder Helper
Billboard PosterBillboard Poster Helper
Blacktop-Paver OperatorBlade Grader Operator
Blast Hole DrillerBlast Setter
BlasterBlaster Helper
Blasting HelperBlock Layer
BlockmasonBoiler Coverer
Boiler Coverer HelperBoiler Fitter
Boiler InstallerBoiler Mechanic
Boiler SetterBoiler Tester
BoilermakerBoilermaker Mechanic
Bore Miner OperatorBoring Machine Operator Helper
Brick CarrierBrick Chimney Builder
Brick SetterBrick Washer
BricklayerBricklayer Helper
BrickmasonBrickmason Apprentice
Bridge InspectorBridge Ironworker
Bridge Ironworker HelperBridge Painter
Bridge Painter HelperBuilding Carpenter
Building Carpenter HelperBuilding Code Inspector
Building InspectorBulldozer Operator
Carpenter AssistantCarpenter Helper
Carpenter SupervisorCarpet Installer
Carpet LayerCarpet Layer Helper
Cast-Iron Drain Pipe LayerCeiling Insulation Blower
Cellulose Insulation HelperCement Mason
Cement PatcherCeramic Tile Installation Helper
Ceramic Tile InstallerChain Link Fence Installer
Chief ElectricianChimney Builder Helper
Churn Drill OperatorChurn Driller
Clay Mine Cutting Machine OperatorCommercial Carpet Installer
Composition Floor LayerComposition Roofer
Composition Weatherboard InstallerConcrete Finisher
Concrete Floor InstallerConcrete Mason
Concrete Pavement InstallerConcrete Smoother
Concrete Swimming Pool InstallerConstruction Carpenter
Construction Carpenters HelperConstruction Craft Laborer
Construction InspectorConstruction Ironworker
Construction Ironworker HelperConstruction Laborer
Construction Trench DiggerContinuous Miner Operator Helper
Continuous Mining Machine Coal MinerContinuous Mining Machine Lode Miner
Control ElectricianCork Floor Installer
Cork Insulation InstallerCork Insulator
Cork Insulator HelperCounter Installer
Curbstone SetterCustom Wood Stair Builder
Decontamination WorkerDerrick Operator
Diesel Pile Hammer OperatorDitching Machine Operating Engineer
Driller HelperDrilling Foreman
Drilling Rig OperatorDry Placer Machine Operator
Dry PlastererDry Plasterer Helper
Drywall ApplicatorDrywall Finisher
Drywall HangerDrywall Hanger Helper
Drywall InstallerDrywall Sander
Drywall StripperDrywall Stripper Helper
Drywall TaperDrywall Taper Helper
Drywall WorkerDumper Bailer Operator
Dynamite ShooterDynamiter
Earth Auger OperatorEarth Boring Machine Operator
Electric Sewer Cleaning Machine OperatorElectrical Inspector
Electrical Maintenance WorkerElectrical Sign Wirer
Electrical Sign Wirer HelperElectrician Supervisor
Electrician's AssistantElevator Adjuster
Elevator ConstructorElevator Inspector
Elevator InstallerElevator Mechanic
Elevator Repair and Maintenance TechnicianElevator Service Technician
Escalator InstallerEscalator Mechanic
Escalator Service MechanicExcavating Supervisor
Explosive Ordnance HandlerExplosive Technician
Facilities PainterFence Builder
Fence ErectorFinish Carpenter
Fire Sprinkler InstallerFirebrick Layer
Firebrick Layer HelperFloor Finisher
Floor RefinisherFloor Sander
Floor Sanding Machine OperatorFloor Scraper
Freight Elevator ErectorFurnace Mason
Gas Derrick OperatorGas Main Fitter
Gas Main Fitter HelperGas Plumber
Grader OperatorGranite Setter
Granite-Chip Terrazzo FinisherHard Rock Drill Operator
Hard Tile SetterHardwood Finisher
Hardwood Floor Installation HelperHardwood Floor Installer
Hazard Waste HandlerHazmat Technician
Heat and Frost InsulatorHeat and Frost Insulator Helper
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Sheet Metal InstallerHighway Inspector
Highway MaintainerHighway Maintenance Crew Worker
Highway PainterHighway Painter Helper
Highway WorkerHome Inspector
Hot Tar RooferHot Tar Roofer Helper
House CarpenterHouse Carpenter Helper
House PainterHouse Painter Helper
House WirerHouse Wirer Helper
HVAC Sheet Metal Installer HelperHydraulic Elevator Constructor
Hydraulic Pile Hammer OperatorHydraulic Plumber
Hydraulic Plumber HelperHydraulic Press-In Operator
Industrial Gas FitterIndustrial Gas Fitter Helper
Industrial PainterIndustrial Roofer
Industrial Roofer HelperInsulation Machine Operator
Interior Surface Insulation WorkerIron Guardrail Installer
Irradiated Fuel HandlerJourney Level Plasterer
Laminate Floor InstallerLane Marker Installer
Lead Abatement WorkerLeaded Glass Installer
Licensed ElectricianLighting Fixture Installer
Linoleum InstallerLinoleum Layer Helper
Loading Machine Operator HelperLong Wall Mining Machine Tender
Long Wall Shear OperatorLongwall Machine Operator Helper
Marble Ceiling InstallerMarble Installation Helper
Marble-Chip Terrazzo WorkerMarine Electrician
Marine Electrician HelperMarine Pipefitter
Marine Pipefitter HelperMarine Steam Fitter Helper
Marine SteamfitterMaster Electrician
Master PlumberMemorial Mason
Metal Roofing MechanicMetal Tank Erector
Mine Cutting and Channeling Machine OperatorMining Helper
Molding PlastererMonument Mason
Mortar MixerMotor Grader Operator
Natural Gas Shothole DrillerOil Derrick Operator
Oil DrillerOil Field Roustabout
Oil Rig DrillerOil Rig Roughneck
Oil Well Cable Tool DrillerOil Well Cable Tool Operator
Oil Well DrillerOil Well Fishing-Tool Technician
Onyx-Chip Terrazzo WorkerOrnamental Ironworker
Ornamental Ironworker HelperOrnamental Plasterer
Ornamental Plasterer HelperPaperhanger
Parking Line PainterParquet Floor Layer
Parquet Floor Layer's HelperPaver Installer
Paver OperatorPaving Stone Installer
Pile Driver OperatorPipe Coverer
Pipe FitterPipe Fitter Helper
Pipe InsulatorPipe Insulator Helper
Pipe LayerPlaster Tender
Plasterer ApprenticePlate Glass Installer
Plate Glass Installer HelperPlumber
Plumber AssistantPlumber Helper
Plumbing InspectorPost Tensioning Ironworker
Post Tensioning Ironworker HelperPottery Kiln Builder
Pre-Engineered Metal Building IronworkerPrecast Concrete Ironworker
Prospecting DrillerPublic Works Inspector
Quarry BossQuarry Plug and Feather Driller
Radiological Control and Safety TechnicianRail Maintenance Worker
Railroad Track MechanicRebar Worker
Refractory BricklayerRefractory Tile Helper
Refrigeration InsulatorReinforcing Steel Worker
Residential Building InspectorResidential Carpet Installer
Residential RooferResidential Roofer Helper
Resilient Tile InstallerRig Supervisor
Road GraderRoad Patcher
Road Sign InstallerRock Drill Operator
Rock Dust SprayerRock Duster
Rock MasonRod Buster
Rod Buster HelperRoof Bolter Helper
Roof Bolter OperatorRoof Bolting Coal Miner
Roof PainterRoofer
Roofer AssistantRoofer Helper
Roofing LaborerRotary Derrick Operator
Rotary Drill Operator HelperRoustabout
Roustabout Crew LeaderRoustabout Pusher
Rustic Terrazzo SetterSand Filler
Sandfill OperatorSandstone Splitter
Scraper OperatorScreed Operator
Segmental Paver InstallerSegmental Paving Supervisor
Segmental Wall InstallerSelf-Propelled Mining Machine Operator
Septic Pump Truck DriverSeptic Tank Cleaner
Sewage Screen OperatorSewer and Drain Technician
Sewer CleanerSewer Pipe Cleaner
Sewer Pipe LayerSewer Pipe Layer Helper
Shale Planer OperatorShale Planer Operator Helper
Shearer OperatorSheet Metal Duct Installer
Sheet Metal Duct Installer HelperSheet Metal Fabricator
Sheet Metal FormerSheet Metal Installer
Sheet Metal InsulatorSheet Metal Layout Mechanic
Sheet Metal Layout WorkerSheet Metal Roofer
Sheet Metal WorkerSheet Rock Applier
Sheet Rock HangerSheet Rock Installation Helper
Sheet Rock InstallerSheet Rock Taper
Sheet Rock Taper HelperSheet Rock Worker
Shingles RooferShingles Roofer Helper
Ship Painter HelperShock-Absorption Floor Layer
Slate RooferSlate Roofer Helper
Solar Panel Installation SupervisorSolar Photovoltaic Electrician
Solar Thermal InstallerSprinkler Fitter
Sprinkler Fitter HelperStage Electrician
Stage Electrician HelperStained Glass Glazier
Stained Glass Glazier HelperStained Glass Installer
Stained Glass JoinerSteam Shovel Operating Engineer
Steam Shovel OperatorSteamfitter
Steel FabricatorSteel Fitter
Steel Rod BusterSteel Tier
Stone Chimney MasonStone Layer
StonemasonStructural Steel Erector
Stucco PlastererStucco Worker
Swimming Pool PlastererSwimming Pool Plasterer Helper
Terra Cotta RooferTerra Cotta Roofer Helper
Terrazzo FinisherTerrazzo Finisher Helper
Terrazzo GrinderTerrazzo Installer
Terrazzo LayerTerrazzo Layer Helper
Terrazzo SetterTerrazzo Worker
Terrazzo Worker HelperTier and Detonator
Tile InstallerTile Mason
TinsmithTrack Layer
Track Machine OperatorTrack Maintainer
Track Moving Machine OperatorTrack Repair Worker
Track RepairerTrack Service Worker
Track Surfacing Machine OperatorTrackwalker
Traffic Line PainterTrench Digger Helper
Trench Pipe LayerTrench Pipe Layer Helper
Underground Bolting Machine OperatorUnderground Roof Bolter
Unexploded Ordnance Quality Control WorkerUtilities Ground Worker
Vibratory Pile DriverVinyl Flooring Installer
Vinyl InstallerWall Covering Installer
Wall Insulation SprayerWall Taper
Wall Taper HelperWall-to-Wall Carpet Installer
Wallpaper HangerWallpaper Hanger Helper
WallpapererWallpaperer Helper
Water Main Installer HelperWater Main Pipe Layer
Water Pump InstallerWaterproofer
Well Service Derrick WorkerWell Service Pump Equipment Operator
Well Service Rig OperatorWell Services Operator
Well Servicing Rig OperatorWind Turbine Erector
Window GlazierWindow Glazier Helper
Wire Fence BuilderWood Fence Installer
Wood Floor LayerWood Tile Installation Helper
Wood Tile Installer