Current Date: 2017/12/12
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Full list of Occupations in the Healthcare support occupations Category

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Autopsy AssistantCentral Sterile Supply Technician
Certified Dental AssistantCertified Medical Assistant
Certified Medical TranscriptionistCertified Occupational Rehabilitation Aide
Certified Occupational Therapy AssistantCertified Pharmacist Assistant
Certified Registered Central Service TechnicianChiropractic Assistant
Clinical Medical AssistantClinical Rehabilitation Aide
COTADeep Tissue Massage Therapist
Dental AideDental Assistant
Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Health Equipment Servicer
Home Health AideHome Health Attendant
Home Hospice AideLaboratory Animal Caretaker
Licensed Massage PractitionerLicensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Occupational Therapy AssistantLicensed Physical Therapist Assistant
LPTAMassage Therapist
MassotherapistMedical Equipment Preparer
Medical Record TranscriberMedical Stenographer
Medical Supply TechnicianMedical Transcriber
Medical TranscriptionistMental Health Orderly
Morgue AttendantOccupational Rehabilitation Aide
Occupational Therapist AideOccupational Therapist Assistants
Ocular Care AideOptometric Aide
Optometrist AssistantOptometry Assistant
Ortho/Prosthetic AideOrthodontic Assistant
Orthodontist AssistantOrthopedic Cast Specialist
OT AideOxygen Equipment Preparer
Pathology TranscriptionistPharmacist Aide
Pharmacist AssistantPharmacy Assistant
Pharmacy ClerkPhysical Therapy Aide
Physical Therapy Assistant Physical Therapy Technician
Physiotherapy AidePhysiotherapy Assistant
Podiatric AidePrescription Clerk
Psychiatric AidePsychiatric Nursing Aide
Psychiatric OrderlyPsychiatric Technician Assistant
Radiology TranscriptionistRegistered Dental Assistant
Registered Medical TranscriptionistRehabilitation Services Aide
RolferSterile Preparation Technician
Sterile Processing and Distribution TechnicianSterile Processing Technician
Sterilization SpecialistSterilization Technician
Surgical Dental AssistantSwedish Masseuse
Veterinarian AssistantVeterinarian Helper
Veterinary Attendant